Antyfonarz cysterski z XVII wieku

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Strona: 351 - 355

Publikacja w numerze Rok XXI (2015) nr 46

Autor Szymon Fedorowicz


There is a very interesting handwritten liturgical codex in the Archive of the Our Lady Basilica in Cracow. The codex - antiphonarium - was written in 1629 by Jakub Daulowiusz in the Cistercian Abbey in Bledzew. It is an important testimony of worship in Poland in the 17th century. Its attractiveness rests on its being completely unknown so far. The codex is an invaluable source of knowledge of the Cistercian choral worship as well as an interesting kind of evidence for musicologists. It contains antiphons and responses (their notes and words) for the whole liturgical year. Although the prayers in the codex are compatible with the chronology of the liturgical calendar they preserve the division into two fundamental parts: the temporale and sanctorale.

Keywords: liturgy, divine office, liturgical manuscript, pergameneous codexes