Istotne składniki treści czynności liturgicznych sprawowanych według Justyna Męczennika i ich ewolucja

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Strona: 33 - 52

Publikacja w numerze Rok XXIV (2018) nr 51

Autor Jarosław A. Superson SAC


Essential constituents of the content of the liturgical activities performed according to Justin Martyr and their evolution

In the First Apology of Justin Martyr we nd information about Christians and their practice of celebrating the Eucharist. In this work, the reading of the word was also described, which consisted of: one reading, preaching, oratio universalis, and also the kiss of peace during the administration of the sacrament of initiation together with the Holy Mass. The author of the article, using sources earlier than the First Apology, as well as those dated over a dozen or several decades after it, tries to present the contemporary state of the liturgy of the word along with its elements and its develop- ment. This allowed the identi cation and closer approach to the essential components of the liturgi- cal activities performed during the Eucharist celebrated in the second century.

Keywords: Saint Justin, the First Apology, Bible reading, preaching, oratio universalis, kiss of peace.