Wspólne DNA liturgii Wschodu i Zachodu

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Strona: 53 - 70

Publikacja w numerze Rok XXIV (2018) nr 51

Autor Mateusz Rafał Potoczny (Uniwersytet Opolski/University of Opole)


The Common DNA of the Eastern and Western Liturgy

Even if each liturgy of the different liturgical traditions has its own characteristics which are results of the different evolution and different theological approaches, in its lessens it still remains the one and same liturgy of the Church. Before describing the common DNA of the Christian liturgy, as the starting point of this paper, we showed a couple of elements which differ the rites of the Church. In the main part of the study the elements containing the common liturgical DNA were presented. Among them we pointed: the Jewish liturgy, proclamation of the Kerygma, sacramental life, the common proto-geography, euchology which lex orandi and the structure of the Eucharistic Prayer.

Key words: liturgy, euchology, genotype, DNA, liturgical families, Jewish liturgy, history of the liturgy.