Liturgia genetycznie wpisana w Kościół

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Strona: 5 - 16

Publikacja w numerze Rok XXIV (2018) nr 51

Autor Jacek Nowak SAC


Liturgy Genetically Imprinted in the Church

The article “Liturgy genetically imprinted in the Church” has been divided into four parts: 1. The Last Supper as the First Supper; 2. Corpus mysticum; 3. Ecclesiological and liturgical view of the paschal mystery; 4. Liturgy as a genetic fact. The paper shows that it is impossible to imagine the Church without the liturgy or the liturgy without the Church, since the Church, as a being, needs to have life i.e. the liturgy. The liturgy and the Church were created at the moment of Christ’s paschal mystery. The liturgy is a gene of the Church; in other words, the liturgy gives life to the Church.

Keywords: liturgy, Church, genetics of the liturgy, the Last (First) Supper.