Graduał cystersek żarnowieckich z 1458 roku. Studium źródłoznawcze

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Strona: 393 - 415

Publikacja w numerze Rok XXI (2015) nr 46

Autor Debora Wiąckiewicz OSB


This article presents a source text analysis of the gradual of Cistercian nuns from Żarno- wiec dated 1458.

In part I the external description of the relic is presented with the characteristic of the binding, writing material and the format of the sheets, the internal structure of the manuscript, graphic image of the sheets, foliation and the state of the manuscript preservation, defects and traces of use.

In the subsequent part a paleographic analysis of the gradual has been made. This part describes in general the forms of letters that are present in the manuscript. Especially majus

cular letters and specific writing forms and used abbreviations are presented. The notation type is determined. Particular attention is drawn to ornamentation and marginalia.

The last part is dedicated to the analysis of the manuscript’s content. At first the general layout of the code is being presented and then the subsequent groups of chants are described. A greater attention is drawn to the norms of monastic rites because they are not present in other relics of this period. A modern transcription of the musical notation of compositions typical for these rites is prepared.

Key words: gradual; cistercian nuns; liturgical book; manuscript; gregorian chant; liturgy; the Middle Ages; ceremony.